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FREELANCE WRITER, JOURNALIST, AWARD-WINNING ESSAYIST AND POET, E.J. HALEY brings his humor, nonsensical musings, philosophical treatise, and political commentary to life in, Cerebral Abstract, a blog he describes as "having no particular aim other than to be thoughtful, relevant, and occasionally funny."

“I don't like to think that life is a thing as contrived as a choice between political parties, or the identification with one subculture or another. Life is a beautiful Divine gift. It is a shame we are so compelled to live it by such limited definitions, and that the affect of our motivations in these respects are so far-reaching. Can we not simply lift ourselves above the fray, understand that what makes us good is our compassion, and for God's sake, aim to be better than the petty arguments of the past?”
— E.J. Haley